Elite Experience

For those seeking the utmost luxury, our PLATINUM package includes all GOLD package features and adds:

Education and Skill Development

Research and coordination of courses, workshops, VIP events, or learning opportunities in areas of interest.

Personalized Itineraries

Customized travel itineraries and experiences tailored to your preferences.

Access to Exclusive Clubs

Memberships and VIP access to elite clubs, spas, and premium lifestyle venues.

Luxury Transportation

Arrangements for private chauffeur services and luxury car rentals.

Special Requests

Accommodating unique and personalized requests to enhance your elite experience.


Experience peace of mind with our top-tier private security escort service, ensuring your safety and protection to any destination at any hour, accompanied by our expertly trained bodyguards.



Individual membership
For Businesses

SILVER Package

Essential Elegance

Individual membership
For Businesses

GOLD Package

Luxury Lifestyle